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Home appliances are an important part of our everyday lives. They make things easier and more pleasant for us. It's hard to get by without things like a microwave oven, LED TV, etc. Now, we use them every day. If one of our appliances breaks down, it messes up our daily lives and makes us feel bad. At M M R ELECTRONICS, we try to keep you as comfortable as possible. To do this, we offer easy and cheap ways to fix these products and also tv repair services in Kolkata.


M M R ELECTRONICS is a revolutionary offering that simplifies and reduces the cost of fixing electronic devices. Find the device that requires fixing, and that's it. You will be presented with our selection of mobile phone fixingassistence, including the replacement of the screen, Led & LCD TV or any other kind of tv repairing in kolkata. along with the most competitive price estimate.

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 you can get the best assistance on tech items and a one-stop shop for all tech tools and items for many years.We have the best professionals online. You can send us questions, get quotes, and get the best assistance on all electrical things online.

We have a large group of loyal customers who believe in and like our wide range of assistance because they are long-lasting, real, and of great quality. We are here to provide you tv repairing services in Kolkata. The professionals at M M R ELECTRONICS will provide great assistance and are priced in a way that makes them reasonable. We provide assistance with all kinds of tech products, like home tool, gadgets, accessories, and much more with tv repair services in kolkata.

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Maintain data privacy

Your privacy is very important to us. We will never, ever look at your private information. Even more so now that everything in our lives is digital, we know how private the information on a person’s computer is. We have a rule that says the staff can’t open any personal file on your computer or laptop without your permission. This rule is closely followed, so all of your private information will stay private.

Upfront Pricing

Since we are aware of what is required to run a business and the costs associated with doing so, we have a very fair pricing structure. You are the beneficiary of our generosity in the form of reduced prices. We never overcharge for any of our products or offerings. As a result, you can acquire an amazing tv repair in kolkata for a quite low price.

Our Unbreakable Promise

To guarantee that your technology serves you in the most effective manner, we adopt a "turn-key" approach to a diverse set of potential solutions across all of our offerings. We are proud of the fact that we can fix your technological issues on the very first attempt 98% of the time. You have our word that you will be satisfied with all that we provide. If we are unable to remedy anything, there will be no charge to you. That is the most straightforward way to put it. We can also provide you led tv repair in kolkata.

Quality Control and Assurance

For the sake of our clients, we take precautions to guarantee that the quality of the help provided by our goods is preserved. Our customers are provided with an assurance of quality that is one hundred percent from our business, and we work with the broadest variety of items that is humanly conceivable. Every item has been subjected to rigorous testing, and its quality has been improved to the greatest extent feasible.

Wide product range

We can restorean enormous selection of consumer electronics and technology at rates that cannot be beaten because a vast network of suppliers supports us. This selection includes anything from home appliances, gadgets, accessories, and computer connections to desktop computer systems. We also specially can provide you samsung led tv repair & lcd tv repair in kolkata.

Easy order procedure

We are conscious of your time's value, so we have streamlined the ordering procedure. You no longer have to go to stores or deal with the inconvenience of waiting. You may order online from the convenience of your home, we are here to provide you both led & lcd tv repair near your location with home service at any time, and in any part of India.

Qualified Experts

Aside from having the best price, quality, and assistance, what sets us apart from other electronics stores is that we give our customers personalized advice. You don't have to ask for help or blindly follow what your electrician tells you to do. You also don't have to spend your time studying or gathering information. At M M R ELECTRONICS, experts with a lot of technical knowledge are always eager to answer your questions and help you choose. We are always here to provide you lcd & led tv repair services in kolkata.

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